Friend Request Fail: Poet, Doll Collector

Meet "R." R likes to razzle dazzle the ladies (or felines as he calls them) with his poetry and shirtless photos of himself, especially his nipples.

R must have gotten into trouble at one point, because he made a post (along with a red rose picture for dramatic effect) detailing how he had offered no sexual innuendoes and he apologized if his actions had been misconstrued. But his apology then lapsed into him berating the women for thinking too highly of themselves if they thought he wanted to bed them. Because R just ain't like that! Not R!

He writes his own short stories and poetry, but I find the reader comments more entertaining than his writing. Don't. Know. wHY. I just. Do.

The dolls...yep, what can I say.

R's use of language is unique. Part jabberwocky, part English. But I think his meme suggesting, "Run, bitch, run" is probably prudent advice. 

Oh, for all you foreign felines out there, dammit, stop sending him those sexy selfies.